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June 12-22, 2011 Belize: Dive, Jungle, Relax...10 days total, most meals, lodging, diving, airfare, jungle safaris... $3150
Dive, snorkel or lay on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea for seven days. Then, spend a few days on an Indiana Jones adventure through the caves and ruins of the Mayans. Animals, traces of a jungle population from a lost time, rivers and crystal rooms all will add to the excitment! An amazing combination of nature, history, adventure and relaxation... what more is there?
And, you don't need to be a certified diver to enjoy the trip. There will be as much diving as the hard core diver wants and plenty of daily side excursions to occupy the most avid culture curious traveler. Both sets will be able to enjoy the foods of the Caribbean, Creole, and locally made beverages. The Garifuna drummers will come with their native beats to entertain. And, the Maya Women's Center will always appreciate a donation for their handmade crafts. Howler Monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, Manatees, and possibly even Whale Sharks are all on the potential species list. The worlds first and only Jaguar Preserve includes 5 species of large wild cats. As much as 40% of the entire country of Belize is considered in a nature conservation zone. Belize is still largely untouched, the animals are still in the wild and coral is still healthy. See it now, contribute to it's health and safety and enjoy your ecotourism dollars benefitting their destination. Intinerary emailed upon request.

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